How to choose your stick?

Playing with a high quality stick will make a big difference to the level of play for any player. In selecting a stick, a few things need to be considered:

Side to play on: It is recommended

A right handed person should play with a left stick and a left handed person should play with a right stick.

However hockey players or players with experience should choose the side they feel comfortable with. (A hockey stick is right sided).

The blade on a stick can be curved to either the left or the right. ‘Left’ sticks are played on the left side of your body, right sticks on the right. The key thing whilst playing is to keep your top hand on the stick at all times. This means that people playing on the left side of the body keep their right hand on the stick at all times while people playing on the right side of the body keep their left hand on the stick at all times. Therefore it is recommended that lefthanded people play on the right and righthanded people play on the left.


The right length of stick will mean good control of the ball. A longer stick will give you a wider reach, but will also make it more difficult to control the ball close to your body.

Player Height Length shaft should be
below 100cm 50cm
100-110cm 60cm
110-125cm 67cm
125-130cm 72cm
130-135cm 77cm
135-150cm 82cm
150-160cm 87cm
160-170cm 92cm
170-185cm 96cm
185-195cm 100cm
190cm+ 103cm


Sticks have different values for the flexibility of the shaft, often expressed as 30, 27 or 2.3. This is the flexibility of the shaft in mm or centimeters and the higher the number, the more flexible the shaft is. A more flexible shaft is more forgiving and better for new players, whereas experiecenced players might prefer a less flexible shaft which leads to stronger shots but makes ball control harder.


Most blades are slightly curved when you buy them and they can be further bent according to personal preference. The rules allow a maximum curve so that the distance between the floor and the underside of the blade is no more than 30mm at any point when the stick is lying flat on the ground.